Euro Chlor 9th Technical Conference & Exhibition

Euro Chlor

Euro Chlor is organizing its ninth Technical Conference & Exhibition in Madrid (Spain) from 1-3 April 2014. The venue is the Melia Castilla Hotel, calla del Capitan Haya 43, Madrid. We expect about 300 participants from around the world, arriving on Monday, March 31st.

44 speakers will provide a very valuable forum for all those involved in health, safety, environment and technical matters related to the production, transportation and use of chlorine. Please find attached the preliminary programme. The technology session allows suppliers to explain and comment on recent progress in electrolysis, membranes, valves, analysers and other technological developments. In the Exhibition, nearly 50 equipment providers will show their latest developments.


Plazo: Desde el 01 de abril de 2014 hasta el 03 de abril de 2014

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Hotel Meliá Castilla
C/ Capitán Haya 43
28020 Madrid,