10th Green Chemistry Conference

X Green Chemistry Conference

10GCC is aimed at providing a comprehensive forum for the latest advances in the field of Green Chemistry. As usual, the Conference will review issues related to greener solvents, sustainable (bio)catalysis, polymer building blocks and peformance chemicals from renewable sources, reduction of mass and energy intensity in chemical processes, green engineering and many others.

Green Chemistry is about the design of chemical products and processes with excellent performance when compared to current industrial standards. Since efficacy of function and sustainability are strong market demands today, design in Green Chemistry is focused to simultaneously optimize efficacy, environment, health and safety properties. To achieve Green Chemistry objectives at a reasonable cost is certainly one of the greatest design challenges of modern science and technology.

Scientists and innovators in the field of Green Chemistry start to appreciate that chemical design at a higher level of complexity needs new, systematic and coherent innovation strategies that go beyond the use and integration of particular advanced materials and techniques. The quality, even the existence itself, of the next generation of chemicals and processes will heavily depend on what design strategy is developed and used.


Plazo: Desde el 05 de noviembre de 2013 hasta el 07 de noviembre de 2013

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